Monday, 4 January 2010

Third Step of Milk Glass and Cherries

I have defined the lace more and one more coat into the background...I removed the masking and was not overly happy...but will try to fix that best I did allow me to make a smoother wash in the background and manipulate that glow but I usually do quite well on my still questioning this stuff but might have to try a different brand of masking. I will have to try some of the brands others are suggesting...this was nice and liquidy...easy to use...but full of bubbles so I need to inquire if that was from the trip or the cold. Also I am testing a new tube of paint. Since I was so unhappy with Aliz. Crimson I grabbed another tube I had not tried. Since this is an experimental piece I figure why not. It is Perylene Violet and I really like it...very dark. It is the dark in the top cherries and the dark in the background. I really like this color and think I will add it to my palette for least I like it better than AC! Ha! I sure hope I can keep painting on this and finish it up this many irons in the fire around here it is going to be hard. My husband retired and this is his first day home after 37 now we begin adjusting to this and I need to establish my painting hours and claim them!!! Ha! Wish me good luck!

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