Saturday, 17 August 2013

Painting Was Put On Hold!

I have been so busy this summer that painting was put on hold a lot. I do have a full sheet that I have been working on every once in awhile and will try to get back to that and finish it up. These are small...the landscape is 10 x 7 1/2 and done to hopefully bring to Wyoming but not sure...I am not too crazy about it. ha!
The other two are stretched paper over stretcher bars and measure 8x8. I have two coats of varnish on them at this point...but I think some of the greens bled and faded...I could see green in the mixture as I varnished. So they are not the greatest either but wanted to get them done. They do seem to sell at $75 so I try to keep them on hand. I will show a side view too.
Maybe next week I will get back to the full sheet I have been working on. I think in less than a week it would be done so it would be nice to get it under my belt so I can start something new!