Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yellow Rose Watercolor

I finally got the programs working so here is my first installment on the new painting of a yellow rose. I will be gone now for 2 weeks so will have to paint like crazy when I get back but I am enjoying this painting so it will not be hard to get back into! The trick in stacking colors with yellow is not to make green!! ha!  The background is going to be dark so I hope that is going to make the rose sing!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Sorry About Such A Delay!

I have been absent far too long! I am so sorry but life just keeps getting in the way. I was gardening for a week or more trying to weed it well because I was gone so much last year teaching...well then came in and did manage to do some painting and then my computer got a virus...finally got the computer home and they have somehow removed the photo program so now I have to take it back in tomorrow! ha! BUT!!! Tomorrow afternoon I should be able to post where my new painting is at...I have left my son's dog and my daughter's cat for awhile and when things seem more normal around here will finish them off. I did work some on the dog too but will wait for that final post.
I leave June 3rd for Chicago where I will meet 10 artists and we will run with our cameras for 5 days taking pictures of everything we can see! It will be such fun. Then I will be home 10 days and then off to help my daughter at her store in Oregon for a bit...I do not have anything else scheduled until Aug so I should be able to finish the three paintings up and begin the next during that time...YIPEE! I had such grand intentions but I am allowing myself time to play this year which I have not done in a number of years. In fact, I have begun to save papers to begin a collage at some point! Yes you heard me right! AND I might begin plein aire painting and am looking forward to that thought!!! I hope I can as I think that is the perfect thing for summers up here!
So...hang in there with me...I hope to update you tomorrow of where I am at on my new piece! 

Monday, 2 May 2011

L'Art De L'Aquarelle

I am in the new L'Art De L'Aquarelle art magazine from France. It is No 8 and will also become available in the English version at a later date. So obviously I cannot read it to know what it says but I have 6 pages and am in good company in this edition as Mary Whyte, Dean Mitchell and Cheng Khee Chee among others are in this one! I tried to take some straight pictures but could not get it right so gave up. I hope to find the images online and then I will post that for you to see. I have known about this since Oct but it kept being pushed back until now. I had to take pictures in my studio etc and so hired that done but none were used! ha! I am very happy to be in this lovely high gloss magazine! Watch for it at Borders etc, as you might see it there!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Girl With Cat Update

I have not been painting much as it was nice so have been outside doing the gardens but today it is windy and snow! Yes, you heard me right! It is bitter with ice forming on the docks. I am wrapped in a blanket as I type! I just cannot get warm. I thought I would update this painting in case I work on it some today yet. There is not enough info in my pictures to really help me with some of this and so I am just taking it slow. I hope that it will all work out and get done this week so I can move on! I have several drawings going and hope to start one soon if possible!
For those of you following this, my son was home and so he saw the Rotweiler painting below and a tear fell. He said it looked just like her and so I guess that was a success!