Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Demo of Give Thanks Continues!

Been busy around here and forgot to load the next step to my painting! This is step three. I took this quickly as the sun was setting that day thus the strange orange glow on the paper and my cast shadow in the corner!
This painting was sort of being planned as I went because I knew I had to be putting the hours in or I would not meet the deadline. This is the point where I started to realize I wish I had made a few different choices. I will try to remember to mention them on the last one so it makes the most sense. I usually say to my students, know exactly what you are painting or last minute decisions could wreck your painting. Well that is the thin ice I was walking on in this one for sure! ha!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Give Thanks Watercolor Step Two

As you can see I moved right into the lettering. My photo had the red leaves from my Maples here and it looked workable from the photo but the further I got into it I wished I had used some of the yellows. There were not as pretty but now when I see the composition I can see I might have problems...but with a deadline I forged ahead . I think if I had had time I would would have paused at this moment to reconsider the leaves. I also did not have time to consider that background but kept hoping it would come to me as I worked. It did not! ha! But I loved how the dot on the i was helping to hold up this gourd and the letters were so interesting so I hoped it would be enough to help carry this off,. The building up of washes on the gourd were working well too so I felt ok at this point but questioning some things.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Beginning Give Thanks Watercolor

I had just finished the peony painting when Pablo asked if I would be part of the Thanksgiving Challenge. I never find time to do these wonderful things because I am always in the middle of a painting but this time I was totally free! I know those of you that follow me on FB know that I love my pet Blue Jays and I had been thinking I would like time to try to paint one of my friends. So with the challenge I decided one Blue Jay would be in it for sure but had no further ideas. So I went to a friends house who loves to decorate for the seasons and there was this Give Thanks sign on her table and I immediately fell in love with it. I took her large paper gourd that you see and marched home hoping they would work. I set them up on my art table with the afternoon sun coming in and it was magic. I loved the reflection of the word better in some of my other photographs but this combination worked best for placing my bird. I was on this deadline so I just began and had no idea what was going into the background. I had even thought of no background. This is where I began and immediately I was very excited about the words and that lovely gourd! So here you go...my first step..blocking in some color!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thanksgiving Challenge!

Guy Magallanes and I were invited by Pablo Villicana to join him in a painting challenge for Thanksgiving! Well I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving so was so excited to have been invited to join in and honored as I have always admired the challenges that he and Chris Beck do!  So here they are! I hope you will follow the links to their blogs and read about their painting and look at their other beautiful works of art!

"Acorn Harvest"
watercolor   8 x 10 1/2

"Mi Abuelita"
watercolor  10 x 7

"Give Thanks"
Jane Freeman
watercolor   20 1/2 x 15

I loved doing this challenge as Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday! And all of you who follow me on Facebook know how much I love all my pet Blue Jays! So this Blue Jay is giving thanks as well for the peanuts I give him. When I give them their peanuts they often pause and look up at me and I believe they are so happy to receive these gifts. I hope we all will be grateful this season for the gifts we have been given as well.
I intend to begin the step by step on the painting so that you can see what I thought about and the problems I had and what I would have done differently if I had really had the time to think about it! I just had to jump in and do it! ha! But I loved it!
Thank you ever so much Pablo for inviting me and Guy, I loved doing this with you...this was great fun to do it with two friends whom I admire so much!! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thanksgiving Challenge

I am part of a Thanksgiving challenge and mine is complete but I cannot show you it until we all post together on Nov 23rd. Once I have it posted I will post my steps for you and the troubles I encountered. ha! When have a painted anything without a problem to solve!?? ha! I also am working on several drawings so will be able to begin posting those steps too but first the weather must be agreeable. We have very gray skies and winds...snow...cold...not pleasant for stepping outside to take a picture! So I have to wait for some good weather to do this!
Just wanted you to know I am painting but just have to wait on the finished one for a little longer!