Friday, 30 July 2010

I'm Back!

I am back but right before leaving my computer had a virus and it is still in the I cannot post any pictures for you for awhile. It was a terrific workshop with the nicest bunch of ladies ever. I wish I could have had another day really! When I can I will post how far I got with my painting and they with their's and show you how it went.
I leave on Tuesday of next week until Sunday as I have a show at a gallery in Stillwater, MN and so hopefully when I arrive back I will have my computer up and can post pictures from there as well!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!! Take care!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Off To Bend!

Leaving in the morning for Bend...hoping the weather holds as they are calling for severe thunderstorms! Yikes! I will just pray they all go somewhere else as I have to arrive! I will post when I get back how the paintings turned out and fill you in on the rest of what is planned for August...something every week through that month and then off to Calgary in Sept to teach! Everyone have a good 2 weeks!!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bend, Oregon workshop

I thought I would show the demo I am working on for the workshop in Bend at Art in the Mountians.  This is what everyone can work on if they like or they can work on their own painting. I still have alot of darks and more details to do but this is where I will leave it and finish there the last day.
It seem seems summer is slipping away from me. I think I packed too much into these few months and now I am not home enough to enjoy the summer...we will see how it all plays out.
I will have a show in the beginning of August in Stillwater, Minnesota so have to begin getting that ready too as it will be on top of me when I return from Oregon!! I guess this pace is keeping me out of trouble! ha!!! Have a great day everyone!