Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Update on Watercolor of Peony

My computer went down and finally is back...but had to buy a new one with windows 7 and now most everything is not compatible and am having trouble with my pictures and adobe photoshop Elements to work on the photos. This is becoming a real test of patience! I am not sure about the colors here...but it is as close as I can get right now. I might have to stop painting now for the next few weeks. I leave Sunday for Oklahoma and have something scheduled every day so it will be hard to paint before I go. At least I have advanced some and hopefully when I come home I can really hit it hard. I think before I do any more petal work I need to find the interior of this peony with all those petals so that comes next! Thank you for being patient with me!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Watercolor Peony

I have been absent along time it seems. Summers can be busy with company and reunions and finally I have one week to begin something. I decided on another peony as they are so popular and sell well. I have to leave again the 28th for 2 weeks so have to leave my husband in charge of hummingbird feeders and dogs. I wish I could take this painting with me and complete it but I have learned not to travel with my work as something always happens to it...even a small scratch could alter the background from being even so I do not take the chance. Hopefully I will be able to get this center area near done so there is not so much to do when I get home again!!
Also I put into print the yellow rose, Once In A Blue Moon. It turned out so nice so I am well pleased with the giclees.
Hopefully I will get one more update before I go! Thank you for your patience!