Friday, 16 March 2007

Gravy Boat Step 3

Well, I am not setting any world records with this one but I am enjoying some other things now since I finished the taking my time. I have placed the first wash into the background just to give it some substance. This will allow me to do the rest of the painting and then work gradually to the depth I want in the background without going dark right away...I like to wait and see if I can get by without using that trick. Going dark always adds alot of drama but it is not the only answer so I am going to work on it slowly to see if a lighter color will work as well. I will only work on the darker grapes at this point because once everything is done, it is sometimes surprising how little has to be done on those light bright areas...I will wait to determine if they[the lightest grapes] will need more color.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Gravy Boat Step 2

I am sorry I have not gotten much further but have another project going and this keeps taking the back seat...partly because it is so difficult to draw as well! The pattern in the lace has been tough so I think I will switch now to do the gravy boat and background which will make me feel I am 1/2 done and help encourage me to keep on with the lace. Hopefully that part will not take too long if I find the time to get to it. My second business has sort of taken off and so I am having trouble keeping up with everything! The photo seems to wash out the yellows and peaches that are present in this as I took the snap outside in the sunshine which seems to usually work ok for me. I guess true colors will not appear until the actual slides are done but gives you a pretty good idea. Thanks for looking!