Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Dahlia Near Completion

Well for those of you who have hung in there with me I thank you!!! Ha! Just imagine I began in March only to be sick for 5 weeks..went to Oregon, had company and how many other things. I spilled pomegranate juice on it and used a ugly blue...thus the beginning of a rock wall and leaves! I am hoping this will inspire you to never give up. It might not be the best painting that ever was but I have rescued it and the labor of all the drawing...I pretty much hate it at this point because I have seen it way toooooooo long! Ha! But I am always glad when I do not give up and try to solve the problem...I always learn so much. Hope you did too!!! I have changed a leaf and darkened the birds since this photo...but there just has been no sun so the photos turn out rather dark...so will wait and hopefully the sun will come out soon!!! In the meantime...this is where it is and if anyone has a good title I sure would love to hear it!!! Thanks...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Celebration of Light

I figured out how to add a button to purchase my book...I sure hope I did! I am getting pretty good at this now! Look out! Ha!

Products For Sale!

I think I figured out how to put a buy button on here for my products. There is a drop down menu for the products and you can select one....not sure you can select two the way I did it...it would have to be a separate order I think...I am sorry but I am not really smart on this! The button is on the side bar. Thanks!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Dahlias Updated

Well I might be slow but just like a turtle I keep moving along! Summer has arrived and with it brings many interruptions when you live at the lake...and then the heat comes and it is all hard as we do not have air conditioning...only need it a few weeks out of the year so just do not get it...but boy there are days!!!!
So this is where I am at on the dahlias. I still have alot of edges to work on and light against dark areas to stress...there is still a few things in the flowers that have not even been painted yet but all of this will begin to take shape now...I am hoping that it will become a garden flag and rug but we will see...they have to like it first!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Fading Peony Demo

My peony has these neat teddy bear seed pods on it after the petals fall and every year I cut some just to admire. They are quite large and so pretty! My plant is getting ready to bloom again and so I will be able to make adjustments to the painting if I see it is needed. Hopefully I can paint on this and make some headway as I want to finish up the dahlia that is ssoooo old! I think I have forgotten what colors I was using! I want that one done too because I am nearly done with the next drawing and really am anxious to get busy with it!!!
I am so glad to be back on track!!! Of course, if we get some warm weather I will have to do some gardening too. It has been unusually cold here and so everything is sort of frozen in time...a little sunshine will get things hopping I am sure!

Evergreen Products

I showed you the image that was selected to go on some garden products etc...this is the mailbox cover which I put up tonight so thought I would post it. It is magnetic and you can add magnetic numbers which is nice. I had painted my box so some of that is peeking out! Ha! There is also an outdoor indoor rug, windsock, large and small garden flags and I believe an address marker for the lawn. It was fun and I sure wish they would take another image!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Workshop Complete!

I am back from my workshop and this might have been one of my best groups ever! They were all just like me! Ha! they loved to laugh and were all supportive of one another which is a wonderful thing to see! So now I am visiting with my daughter from Oregon who leaves on Thursday and then I need to post a few things here! I hope to get back to painting Friday morning! If one of the workshop girls, Paula, gets any pictures to post I will definately do that. My camera was lost 2 days before the workshop so did not get any photos. It is strange, but seeing my summer stretching before me I wonder if I will be in the garden more than painting?? Ha!

Monday, 1 June 2009

On The Count Down!

I have completed the talk to 100 artists, did the two day painting demos, packed now and getting groceries as will be gone until Friday night teaching a workshop. Then I have a little down time with my daughter but will be back into painting again with fewer distractions! It has been a strange spring starting with 5 weeks of being sick...so I have really been slow here and do apologize for that...but hopefully will get back into the swing of things soon!!! I have friends who will be going to the Transparent Watercolor Society of America exhibition and perhaps they will take a picture of my painting there that they can post! Thanks for your patience! janie