Sunday, 26 December 2010

Winter White Peony

I darkened a few more area on the peony leaves but now we have very bright light outside and I think it just killed it...maybe we will see a difference. I am hoping to get this scanned next week and then it might be more accurate. I have signed it and want to close this chapter and move on...the next drawing is progressing and I will post that next week hopefully!
Painting white flowers is always odd because do you chose grays or what to shadow with...but if your values are right it doesn't matter, as it will still appear as a white flower. I seem to prefer a blue/gray color for this most of the time. It feels believeable but gives some life to the flower more than a gray would but I have done a mixed gray and it has been lovely too. So don't fear the white flowers as they can be alot of fun!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Winter White Peony

This white peony might not be done so I still have not signed it but thought while there was a lighter sky I would get the shot for you. We have so many gray days it is hard to get a good picture so took my opportunity!
I struggled with the background as it was an old piece of Strathmore and it reacted differently, making my wash in the background get very granulated. I was not sure I liked that and then while I was sick I started to diddle with it which is never the thing to do. I should have left it alone but so it goes. I never learn my lesson to not paint when I am sick! ha! Many of you have seen the mistakes I have made over the years while sick!
Hopefully all that is left is to clean up a few edges but will take my time tomorrow looking it over to make sure.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of laughter and blessings!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Jane Freeman Workshop

As you know I had to withdraw from teaching nationally for awhile but a friend wrote a grant and got it for me so I will teach a class here with reduced cost to the students! They pay $100 for the workshop and I still get paid my normal amount so this will be great!
I will be teaching a workshop here in Bemidji, Minnesota! I have stopped teaching nationally for awhile due to personal reasons but will begin doing a few locally until I can travel again.

The dates are March 10, 11 and 12, 2011 and again on 4/2/2011. The cost is $100 because we have a grant to cover the rest! So it is a big savings. Time is 9 am to 3 pm each day.


The phone number is 218-444-5606. Those who wish to take the class should contact us no later than January 31st as we are half full now.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

New Little Friend

A few weeks ago this small bird showed up here and it was -20 below...he was fluffed out and having trouble with his beak. It was freezing...he was not eating well and did not belong in northern Minnesota at this time of year. I did not see him again and assumed he had died.
This afternoon he reappeared! I cannot believe it...his feet are not too good and still he is not eating very well...he doesnt like what I have...that part I feel bad about...I did not get any fat out for him which is what he needs...but it would scare him now. I waited until he flew and put up a house for him and he came back and has used it! If he flies again I will get the suet down from the tree for him as well. I have been crying as I really am so grateful he came back, is alive and is using the house...hopefully I can help him stay alive.
I also have tried to paint a little...I have been sick and not getting much done but if i could just feel better I think it could be finished very quickly...i will keep you posted!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

White Peony demo

The sun is shining so I wanted to grab a picture of my white peony watercolor painting. I have only been working on the left side but now that flower seems to make sense. I will come back to the right side again but with all the choir practices and a two day art show I am not thinking I will get to paint until the weekend. But at least you are caught up to where I am in the painting. The background still needs to be resolved as well but sometimes for me it helps to know what values I will have in the foreground of my painting to better understand what is needed behind the flower. I am thinking the stems will be darker than the background for something different as so many watercolor paintings just resolve this with a dark background. There is always another solution to a watercolor I think. We will see how it develops!! I took the picture in some pretty strong sunlight so I am afraid the greens might appear a little faded here. But you can at least see where I am headed! I will update the peony demo next week when I am done with all that I am doing.