Sunday, 26 December 2010

Winter White Peony

I darkened a few more area on the peony leaves but now we have very bright light outside and I think it just killed it...maybe we will see a difference. I am hoping to get this scanned next week and then it might be more accurate. I have signed it and want to close this chapter and move on...the next drawing is progressing and I will post that next week hopefully!
Painting white flowers is always odd because do you chose grays or what to shadow with...but if your values are right it doesn't matter, as it will still appear as a white flower. I seem to prefer a blue/gray color for this most of the time. It feels believeable but gives some life to the flower more than a gray would but I have done a mixed gray and it has been lovely too. So don't fear the white flowers as they can be alot of fun!

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