Sunday, 19 December 2010

New Little Friend

A few weeks ago this small bird showed up here and it was -20 below...he was fluffed out and having trouble with his beak. It was freezing...he was not eating well and did not belong in northern Minnesota at this time of year. I did not see him again and assumed he had died.
This afternoon he reappeared! I cannot believe it...his feet are not too good and still he is not eating very well...he doesnt like what I have...that part I feel bad about...I did not get any fat out for him which is what he needs...but it would scare him now. I waited until he flew and put up a house for him and he came back and has used it! If he flies again I will get the suet down from the tree for him as well. I have been crying as I really am so grateful he came back, is alive and is using the house...hopefully I can help him stay alive.
I also have tried to paint a little...I have been sick and not getting much done but if i could just feel better I think it could be finished very quickly...i will keep you posted!

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