Saturday, 23 April 2011

Girl with Cat Watercolor

I had hoped to rescue this painting but I fear that is not possible. Remember this was that new Arches Watercolor board and when it is wet it shows a different grays a little and it is very impossible to lift off from without damaging the paper. So because of that I am not sure I will continue any longer as I do not think I can make it look correct at this point...the skin tones are no longer glowing in the shadow under her hair on the right side. I might just tuck this away and do it again some day on real Arches so that I can lift the hair and not paint around it...this has become too much work and perhaps no good results in the end. So I will let it be for awhile and see but it might be something I never complete. That is a first for me! I have always completed every painting started...but this surface was not what I expected at all. However I think for acrylics etc it would be wonderful. Anyway, I thought I would show you what has happened...and then just sort of move on! ha!
Wishing everyone a very wonderful and blessed Easter!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Rotweiler Watercolor Portrait Done!

I have been working on a portrait of my son's Rotweiler Taylor who passed away last year. I have been surprised how fast this went. Not sure I am totally satisfied as she did not have much shape.ha! She was almost 150 pounds I believe...solid and like a swollen wood tick with skinny legs. ha! It was hard to give her some shape! But I think it will do for now as I want to move on and can pick away at details later. She was a wonderful dog and I called her my grand-daughter as she was so lovely...gently and loved kittens and small animals. But she also could sink herself in the lake and pick a rock up and bring it to the surface! ha!!! So here she is...I think my son will be surprised when he comes home in a week or so.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Peony Painting Now Licensed!

I have been waiting to show you just took a year for the samples to come out and actually receive a set to see! These are being made by Lifesyles of the UK. It is a large tray and small thin tray, and then small and large placemats and coasters with a cork bottom. They really are nice! But I am not sure they are available in the US! ha!! I guess I have to wait and see. They have a website but this pattern is not up yet  it is  and hopefully I will hear if anyone in the US will handle them.  

Monday, 18 April 2011

Rotweiler Watercolor

My sons dog passed away and I decided to try to paint her. Taylor was getting so heavy that she no longer had a shape left but I could not find a picture of when she was younger. She had a harness and would pull my son around in the mountains of South Lake Tahoe while he was on his skateboard...she was quite the girl. I still have to try find a picture that shows her nose better and have to get the eyes done can see I have a ways to go yet but this is where I am at right now...hopefully I will get this done this week...even with all the Easter prep and choir practice. We will see! 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Spring Visitor!

Since I have not been painting much of late I thought I would show you one of my visitors. This female brings twins into the yard every year. I thought it made her special but have since learned that they usually have one fawn on the first birth and twins usually every birth after...this is just what I have heard but she seems to hold true to this. She is a very good mom. During hunting season she will bring her kids into my yard. She seems to know where they will be safe. However, they do eat everything in site. Her twins were not from her when I took this picture of her in my garden...she is pretty calm around me...I just can talk to her and tell her that it is enough and she needs to move on and she will slowly walk away. She however is also the culprit that eats all my daylilies! I have not had a single bloom in years! I am missing my white one and so am going to try to protect it this year so I can get some pictures for painting. Anyway, thought you would enjoy seeing her...she is a gentle soul.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring Is Finally Here!

I have not been able to paint it seems because slowly spring is arriving and I just want to be outside! Mr Chippie came out of hibernation last week and from there it has been birds galore arriving. Also yesterday the Osprey is on the nest...the mate has not arrived yet but which ever one it is is arranging and adding more twigs...getting ready. They get so heavy and can actally end up holding water so that in a bad storm they fill and get so heavy they come down...this one is becoming pretty big. I always feel good when I see them both there so hoping any day now the mate will arrive.