Friday, 15 April 2011

Spring Visitor!

Since I have not been painting much of late I thought I would show you one of my visitors. This female brings twins into the yard every year. I thought it made her special but have since learned that they usually have one fawn on the first birth and twins usually every birth after...this is just what I have heard but she seems to hold true to this. She is a very good mom. During hunting season she will bring her kids into my yard. She seems to know where they will be safe. However, they do eat everything in site. Her twins were not from her when I took this picture of her in my garden...she is pretty calm around me...I just can talk to her and tell her that it is enough and she needs to move on and she will slowly walk away. She however is also the culprit that eats all my daylilies! I have not had a single bloom in years! I am missing my white one and so am going to try to protect it this year so I can get some pictures for painting. Anyway, thought you would enjoy seeing her...she is a gentle soul.

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