Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sorry About The Delays!

I have not been able to paint and am getting worried as next summer I have alot of workshops to give!!! Check out my website as maybe one will be near you!
I have been working on my fall and Holiday collection of clothes and am almost done. Thought I would post one of the sweaters so you could see that line. They have been selling well in the store in Oregon where they really appreciate recycled and reconstructed clothing. It is a niche I am filling and it has been alot of fun.
Today I go to speak at the college to the senior class of Fine Art students and to give them a reality check. For as successful as I have been in many ways, I still do not make a great income and I want them to see that I have to work in other ways to still support my art. That is the reality today for most of us and finding that thing that we can still be creative in and enjoy is the trick! I am lucky I found such a thing and yet it is upsetting that I cannot be just painting. We must do what is necessary these days to stay afloat however! Hopefully my next post will actually be a painting!!!
My book will be the selection of the month at North Light and you will see it featured in Watercolor Magic in this coming issue...so take a peek!