Tuesday, 30 November 2010


My computer had to go in for a little Dr appt..and finally got it back. Just before it went down I had taken a picture of my new piece I am working on but could not get at it. So here is my new peony painting a week ago. I have since done some work but now there has been constant gray days and snow storms so no new pics yet. I will try to get that as soon as things improve!
I am trying to find my shapes here and also I decided to make it more blue in the shadows. So these white peonies are with a blue cast which I hope will be pretty. I mixed that with Quin. Rose and Phthalo Turquoise..and a dab of New Gamboge as well. Just remember your triad can make a nice gray no matter which ones you use as long as they are not color mixes. In this case, the turquoise already has yellow in it so I did not need much.
This is a very busy week for me with Christmas coming! I have an art show on Friday and Saturday but before I can do that I have a book signing on Thurs and Wed I will be singing with the choir at the nursing homes in town and practicing for the Christmas concert...so my days are full! If I do not paint I will at least try to get the next picture to update you.
Also check out www.zazzle.com/artforloonrescue  as a few more images have been added including several from the famous wildlife artist Terry Isaac! You might find something there for a Christmas present!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


I still have to check this totally for edges but I believe it is done or nearly done. I am going to post it as it is and also a cropped version as sometimes when I view it online it is so much easier to see what needs to be done.
The struggle [well one of them] has been the fact that in the foregroud the snowbank is chunky...it is after the snowplow has gone through and then behind is smooth. The chunks were catching all this light and were transparent up on the top edges but when I did it that way it appeared wrong or imagined so now I have blended that out a bit. Sometimes reality is not what makes the best painting! ha! That holds true for a picture as well. I wonderful photo doesn't always make a wonderful painting.
Anyway, this is how it is at this point and the title is Idlewild Morning...but in reality this is late afternoon so I might have to change that...but the first sounds better. We will see what I do with that too! So here you  go...two views...cropped and as is. If this thing will begin working it would help! ha!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Painting Update!

I am moving pretty slowly on this but I just do not paint alot...but slowly it is moving forward and I think I am beginning to see some progress and perhaps the end by the weekend! This is an area on my point that I have walked through since 1972 and always thought it should be painted...so it is about time! I thought at the time the snow line at the bottom was fun as the plow had come through and the sun was outlining all the clumps but now I am not sure it appears to fit in...we will see in the end...if it looks better I will crop it I guess...anyway, here is where I am today!

Monday, 15 November 2010


Well I am not breaking any records here but I do not feel up to painting but make myself try to do even an inch a day if I can. So it is not ripping along but it is getting there. I will not be very pleased with it I am sure but it is a beginning. I love landscapes but never do them and want to do them my way...so it will be hard to keep at it and try to develop something but I plan to do just that through the winter. Hopefully by spring I will be more comfortable with this!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Not Sure About This One!

I have never done a landscape or a snowscene in watercolor but here it goes! I have decided the time has come to play...loosen up a tad and try something new...I am sure attempt number two will be better but thought I would show you where I am at on this and let you follow me as I struggle with it! ha! I am sorry it is showing so much yellow but my home is all knotty pine...ceilings and walls so that is why I have to take my pictures outside but today is raining and 40 mph winds...so hopefully the next update will be more true if I can get outside. This is by no means going to be a great painting but I figured we could all watch the process together! You can cheer me on when I am ready to throw it out the window! There still is a little masking in a few places that you might see...and hopefully my next installment will look better...and be a nicer painting too! ha!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Art for Loon Rescue

Artists wishing to donate a painted image for this cause, please email a large, high resolution image of your artwork and a note giving permission to use it for this purpose, a description of your artwork, and all contact information.including your website, if you have one.

You will still own the copyright to your artwork. You are granting a license for us to use it for this cause.

A little about this: The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC) is one of the largest independent veterinary hospitals for wildlife in the country. From its roots as a student organization at the University of Minnesota in 1979 admitting 50 animals, WRC now treats nearly 9,000 injured animals from among more than 200 species each year. In addition, WRC sponsors robust wildlife medicine education programs in cooperation with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and other vet schools nation-wide. More than 500 people volunteer at WRC donating a total of 38,000 hours of time –the equivalent of more than 18 full-time employees.
Each year WRC treats dozens of large waterfowl including the Common Loon. Medical care for loons is quite specific, and expensive, requiring special handling, caging and nutrition. From the Gulf oil spill to the water quality of northern lakes, Minnesota's beautiful state bird faces unprecedented challenges. WRC provides medical care to help preserve and protect this magnificent bird and its iconic call.

WRC is 501(c)(3) organization that is supported entirely on donations from the public."

Please feel free to donate to them directly!
Make checks payable to WRC, 2530 Dale St, Roseville, MN 55113. (in the note/subject line of your check, please include "art for loon rescue” Attn: Phil Jenni

You can view the site at www.zazzle.com/artforloonrescue
Images can be mailed to me at Jane@janefreeman.com  just make sure they are large files at 300dpi and you follow the above info. Thank you so much!