Thursday, 11 November 2010

Not Sure About This One!

I have never done a landscape or a snowscene in watercolor but here it goes! I have decided the time has come to play...loosen up a tad and try something new...I am sure attempt number two will be better but thought I would show you where I am at on this and let you follow me as I struggle with it! ha! I am sorry it is showing so much yellow but my home is all knotty pine...ceilings and walls so that is why I have to take my pictures outside but today is raining and 40 mph hopefully the next update will be more true if I can get outside. This is by no means going to be a great painting but I figured we could all watch the process together! You can cheer me on when I am ready to throw it out the window! There still is a little masking in a few places that you might see...and hopefully my next installment will look better...and be a nicer painting too! ha!!

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