Wednesday, 1 December 2010

White Peony demo

The sun is shining so I wanted to grab a picture of my white peony watercolor painting. I have only been working on the left side but now that flower seems to make sense. I will come back to the right side again but with all the choir practices and a two day art show I am not thinking I will get to paint until the weekend. But at least you are caught up to where I am in the painting. The background still needs to be resolved as well but sometimes for me it helps to know what values I will have in the foreground of my painting to better understand what is needed behind the flower. I am thinking the stems will be darker than the background for something different as so many watercolor paintings just resolve this with a dark background. There is always another solution to a watercolor I think. We will see how it develops!! I took the picture in some pretty strong sunlight so I am afraid the greens might appear a little faded here. But you can at least see where I am headed! I will update the peony demo next week when I am done with all that I am doing.

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