Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thanksgiving Challenge!

Guy Magallanes and I were invited by Pablo Villicana to join him in a painting challenge for Thanksgiving! Well I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving so was so excited to have been invited to join in and honored as I have always admired the challenges that he and Chris Beck do!  So here they are! I hope you will follow the links to their blogs and read about their painting and look at their other beautiful works of art!

"Acorn Harvest"
watercolor   8 x 10 1/2

"Mi Abuelita"
watercolor  10 x 7

"Give Thanks"
Jane Freeman
watercolor   20 1/2 x 15

I loved doing this challenge as Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday! And all of you who follow me on Facebook know how much I love all my pet Blue Jays! So this Blue Jay is giving thanks as well for the peanuts I give him. When I give them their peanuts they often pause and look up at me and I believe they are so happy to receive these gifts. I hope we all will be grateful this season for the gifts we have been given as well.
I intend to begin the step by step on the painting so that you can see what I thought about and the problems I had and what I would have done differently if I had really had the time to think about it! I just had to jump in and do it! ha! But I loved it!
Thank you ever so much Pablo for inviting me and Guy, I loved doing this with you...this was great fun to do it with two friends whom I admire so much!! 

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