Monday, 2 May 2011

L'Art De L'Aquarelle

I am in the new L'Art De L'Aquarelle art magazine from France. It is No 8 and will also become available in the English version at a later date. So obviously I cannot read it to know what it says but I have 6 pages and am in good company in this edition as Mary Whyte, Dean Mitchell and Cheng Khee Chee among others are in this one! I tried to take some straight pictures but could not get it right so gave up. I hope to find the images online and then I will post that for you to see. I have known about this since Oct but it kept being pushed back until now. I had to take pictures in my studio etc and so hired that done but none were used! ha! I am very happy to be in this lovely high gloss magazine! Watch for it at Borders etc, as you might see it there!

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