Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Project Is Begun!

I have never worked in a series and decided to do it all at once! I know...I am a little nuts and I will forever hate pears I suspect but decided to do 5 paintings with pears and you can see from this I have begun putting in the pears. It is just the beginning and I think what I need to do is bring the pears pretty much to completion before working on other elements but I will have to work on some other things so that I do not go crazy with yellow...Ha! I hope out of this I will get a couple that are good. Who knows...maybe I will love them all. There is still alot of drawing to do in each one but have the placement...so that I could do the pears but the detail drawing in the other elements is yet to be done. I can work on that in the evenings or between washes...so this is my next project and I am hoping it goes faster than I think...because I usually do only 5 paintings a yeat! I am planning on completing these before the end of Feb. Might be stretching it there a bit...but aim high...no sense not trying! There is not much to look at here...but it is just proof that I am actually doing something! Ha! Perhaps from now on I will post individual paintings as they get going better.

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