Friday, 1 January 2010

Milk Glass Progression

This is where I am at today. I have some kind of marks on the paper and the paint was moving away from areas on the background...not sure what it could be but I will have to go darker to try to cover those areas up. Also that background is much darker toward the bottom but for some reason we are not picking up that color. Hopefully the next time after several washes it will show better. At least I took a straighter picture!!! HA! This experiment is really a learning curve for me. First, I am trying perm. Aliz. Crimson and will take it off my palette when the painting is done. It is a dirty color that I would use if I needed exactly that color I guess but I find my transparent colors so much prettier. Then for the first time I am trying masking. I ordered the new stuff from Daniel Smith but find it is full of bubbles even though I have been very careful not to shake it...think it happened in transport or it froze...but still using it to try the idea of it...just hope when it is removed I do not scream! I would rather paint around things freehand and know that my edges are right...I have no clue at this moment and that is driving me nuts! HA! Also testing greys and I would have had prettier greys without using Aliz Crimson in that mix...they would have been prettier with transparents. So if this poor thing gets done and it works it will be a miracle but I am learning alot of things so that is important too!!!

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