Thursday, 3 March 2011

At Attention-Sparrow Watercolor

I am really close to done and decided to post it now. I still could refine a few edges but will be sending it off for a scan and that takes awhile so wanted to post it. I am hoping I pulled it off as I was making up this background but it was so much fun I could not stop! I did not want anything with crisp edges but needed it to still  read foliage. I am sure I could have done it better with a real photo but sometimes I like to just play and this is one of those. Hopefully the sparrow still stands out enough. I liked the attention sign, although it was for dogs...I made it into something perhaps about birds or nesting...who knows...but thought the arrow helped tell a story.
I will be teaching a workshop here in Bemidji the 10th -12th so have to begin preparing for that but I do have a drawing nearly complete so hopefully I will be able to post something on that before too long! Any questions...just ask!

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