Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Auction For Japan

"Winter White Peony"
14 1/2" x 22"
Original Watercolor
Current Bid amount is: $1800.00  CLOSED

I am joining several artists to raise money for the Red Cross in Japan or a disaster group of our choice I have chosen ELCA Disaster Relief for Japan as it is volunteer and 100% will go to the people. As artists we do not always have money to dish out like we would like but we have our art and we are hoping to sell our art and donate 100% to this cause. I wish I could do more but this is what I have. By each of us doing our part we can make a difference.
My painting will be available for bids through March 20th. You can email me with your bid and I will keep that posted by the painting so every one knows where the bids are. Email me at Jane@janefreeman.com I will also ask for a small amount if the painting has to be shipped to far but otherwise I will try to cover all costs myself.
Bidding starts at $50.00.
For some reason my blog is not allowing the upload right now but I will keep trying. The painting is Winter White Peony and it was finished just this Feb.

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