Sunday, 17 October 2010

Loon Rescue tshirt

I am working on a design for loon rescue to put on tshirts and boy have I had troubles! I thought I just wanted the image...but then added more water and then felt I should mask the entire loon in order to get the washes on the water right...well I lifted the mask and lost most of the color! Dear Phyllis who reads my posts mentioned there are some masks that do not lift the color but since I use so much transparent paints who knows if anything would have worked. I just went about this backwards. I will post what happened and you will see how the colors went from black to gray...and then I reworked it but now am having troubles with the horizon line from some bleeding in trying to do all that fixing. I really do not want to remask the wings and start over again but will will post how bad it was when the mask was removed...and where I have it back to now...and then hopefully in a few days or less I can show you the final image...gotta think how to do it! I like images for tshirts to be more graphic so that is the next step! Hopefully it will be done soon and I can move on! Sorry the pictures are reversed...the lower one is when the color got lifted and the top one is where I am at now.

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