Saturday, 2 February 2013

Watercolor Iris Demo #4

Well this was one of those days I was unsure I would even get to paint but finally I grabbed an hour and 30 minutes and got to try out some background. It really doesn't matter if you do not find alot of time..the most important part is to find some time. Just getting a little of this in helps me get excited where this is going. I like to weave grasses and even if they are not realistic I just love to make them go in and out like a the end the flower will be center stage and this is just backup filler but filler with interest vs just a solid color which so many resort to because that is easy...I would rather take the chance and try something else even if it doesn't work. Anyway, this is where I am at as the sky gets gray. It is hard for me to paint in the evenings as I just do not see that well anymore with night lights...even if they are bright it just is not the same as natural light for me.

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