Friday, 15 July 2011

Yellow Rose Watercolor Complete!

I am calling this done but I know I might tinker with it some more before it goes for the official scan. I had a phone call when the last wash was going in on the top part and it closed in on the moon...I might play with that but I surely do not want to mess it up so we will see.
Those who follow me on Facebook know that I write poetry and writings about Lady Lake and Mr Moon and so when I thought of a dark background for this piece I decided that Mr Moon might look nice back there...however it was scarey and I felt he had to be rather central...which is pushing my luck with composition...but I feel it worked ok. If I can lighten the dark carefully and pull it back some on the moon area I will as that is no longer circular but if I think it might mess things up I will just leave it be.  I have not decided what I will start next but I think what ever it is will be very different from my usual just for a change of pace!!!

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