Thursday, 28 July 2011

Small Paintings

I have decided to do some smaller fast paintings just to get out of the rut I am in and to have a little fun. One is watercolor on a deep cradle claybord textured and is 6"x8". I really enjoyed it and will show it from the side so you can see the depth and then the front.
The second piece of two swans is acrylic on canvas and is only 5"x7" which is really getting small for me but was alot of fun. You know I love to work full sheet watercolors so I usually am 30"x28" alot of the time so these were a challenge and I do not have alot of small brushes for this sort of thing. I did enjoy them both though and think I will continue to try a few new things every once in awhile just for fun.
I think that at some point I might fiddle with them both a little as I do like detail but my intention initially was to do the painting and not go back in. That will be hard for me but I am not detailing like I usually do so that is good for me.

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