Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Watercolor of Yellow Rose

I am feeling a little better and decided to try something different with the watercolor of the yellow rose...which is scarey as I was liking the rose very much. I decided to try a moon since I write poetry about Mr Moon so often. I think this is maybe showing up a little more blue than it really is but I left it as I am wondering if another glaze of blue is what I need! The title for this I think is going to be, Once In a Blue Moon...and I hope that I do not ruin it. ha! Some of you know my history of painting while sick. ha!
I am also working on a few outdoor projects and so painting has been taking a back seat. I hope this month to get a few things done and others started as I would like to have some good pieces ready for the spring shows. Now if I can stick to my guns and do it will be another story! ha!
I ended up with a little hard edge on the side of the moon and am unsure about it as of yet. I do not want to mess up what I have but will let it sit and think about how I will soften that area.

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