Monday, 5 January 2009

Sprinkler Update!

I have been just staring at this painting trying to decide what to do for the shelf or bench that the sprinklers are sitting on. I had taken the photo on a wooden outdoor bench but looking at that strong horizontal line that would go across the entire page seemed wrong. Finally I started doodling and decided to break it up like slats of wood to give it more interet since this area was closest to the needed that. It is not done in this area but now I can leave it and start to consider what will go behind the sprinklers...that really has me wondering. If I paint loose it will contradict the tight part of the painting. I do not see how I can paint a single color because there is so much to paint around...unless I try to mask it and there is just so much detail I am not sure I can! So I need to put my thinking cap back on! The picture wa staken quickly because it was -30 today and I had to take it ignore the slant. Also as priviously stated, this is not done, nor is any part of it done until I get the background in and can then adjust the values of the different areas.

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