Sunday, 25 January 2009

Otter Painting

This is a picture of my daughter at the aquarioum in Newport, Oregon. The photo is very dark because we are in one of those underground areas...darker outside than inside the tank. I maybe do not have enough information to really do this correctly...but I have decided to continue working outside my comfort zone for awhile and do what is not easy for me. So bare with me....perhaps it will make you try something new too!
In this beginning stage I did a salt layer to add the texture for the glass. It was full of water running down, bubbles etc...and so this is how I am going to begin solving that area. My next picture will show what I do with that to lessen it in areas.
The tank has an odd glow in the water so I tried to capture that too. I am leaving out any areas on the glass that show squares of light from the windows behind as I think that will detract. Soon I will post where I am now.

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