Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sprinkler Final

I am calling this done as I just cannot take it much further without losing the small details in all the cogs. You might not be able to see all of that detail as it is truly very small but I do not want to put too high a resolution up here because of theft. Hopefully you can see it well enough. There were many problems to overcome in this painting. The biggest for me was that the sun was overhead and I was not going to have much for shadows...usually I like very strong shadows. I could not have them on the wall behind as it would have been too dark and I would have lost all the mechanics on the sprinklers. I decided on this and hope that it works well enough for everyone. I have UND and North Dakota on one license plate as that is where I gradutaed from college. I have one showing Minnesota with a "B" for Bemidji where I am from now. I have a small tag hanging down which is 3=20 which is my birthday. I usually try to add things that make my paintings more personal. Now I can move on and start a new painting which is already to go!
This painting is 9 x 30, watercolor and is titled "Waterworks" Thanks so much! Janie

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