Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Moving Right Along!

I have been painting on the prisms of the drawing below and it is coming along but I have not been able to get a good picture so far. That is because we have been having snow storms and it stays so gray outside it overcasts everything! I do hope to get a picture in the next couple of days however. So far I am very very excited! Now I just have to be patient and not rush from this excitment and ruin what I have begun! Ha!
I had an email from Jmancol from the Philippines this morning and he says that the purple waterlily below is called Midnight! Wow! This is so great to think you can put a question out into cyberspace and an answer comes back from the other side of the world! Thank you so much! I tried to email back to you but it bounces back to me saying something about the prefix of the email address. So I will thank you here and hope you get this! I believe it shall be called "Midnight Waters" and all thanks to you Jmancol!
Asnow storm is moving in right now again to drop a possible 10 inches of snow on us. The day before yesterday we got at least that much as well but it makes it so beautiful around here...who can complain!? I will try to get some nice pictures of the snow too if the sun would try to peek out! Have a good day!

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