Sunday, 9 December 2007

Step Three for Prisms!

I thought I better take a picture while the sun was still shining as one never knows up here when we will go into a long stretch of no sun. It is coming along but I have not devoted as much time to this like I had hoped! I am putting up the tree and decorating outside today and tomorrow to get that project done and have mailed the presents except for one! So I am getting things completed. Most of the Christmas cards have also been least to family...we will see how far I get with the rest. Sometimes we just can't do it all and be artists too!
I am trying Daniel Smith's Quinacridone Gold Deep which is a limited time only paint and I am really liking it. It makes the reds and browns and even the greens more lively! I hope they start to make this one all the time!
As I progress with this piece, I am seeing that it is actually Christmas colors! I was not inspired by the season but rather just using complementary colors but if this one works out I think it might make an interesting Christmas card for next year. I hope this week helps me get closer to filling in all the local color as I like to cover more of the white to help me with values but in this case, the dark background might bleed into a prism so I really want those done before I ever do the background. I suspect once that goes in there will alot of value adjustments but that part will be much easier...I have found all those shapes and that was the hardest part for me.

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