Thursday, 29 November 2007

Back on Track!

After many side roads and distractions, I finally have a drawing on the table and have actually begun painting! It feels almost foreign to me at this point! I do not regret doing all the clothes for kids however as they are selling well and art is not so it provides resources for me at this time to continue to buy supplies. I think we as artists often think we have to just paint but we might need to reconsider trying another creative venue on the side to help support us. Too many say that is copping out...I say it is a create use of our time. However you are creative is good for the soul. That being said, I am happy to be painting until January when I need to begin the spring and summer lines of clothing as I will be gone teaching so much this summer I need to have them done I had better use my time wisely!
Here is the drawing. It is prisms in a vase on top of Cindy Agan's art book and in the top is a red pepper that is cut up...hoping that green and red combo is going to really set this off as complements often do! I hope to paint a little faster than I usually do so let's see how this goes!

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