Saturday, 2 March 2013

Iris With Bee

I am calling this done finally! If there is any tweeking that I might do it will be ever so slight and will not change how it really looks.
I have not figured out a name for this yet but surely hope to come up with something that makes sense to me. I have no idea if it should refer to the wildness of the grasses I have made up in the background or refer to the bee. It could simply be The Pollinator I suppose...we shall see.
Well guys I usually have the next one drawn but this time that has not happened. I will hopefully begin working on the drawing tomorrow and in a few days be able to tell you what I plan to paint next.
I hope this demo has helped those of you who like to paint iris or flowers to see how I work carefully in with slow glazing and not until toward the end do I get the intense color so there is no bleeding. I also always have a very good drawing so that I know it is going to look just like I want it.

Have a great weekend!

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