Thursday, 12 January 2012

White Peony Completed

I cannot get a very accurate picture as we are having a blizzard but thought I would post this anyway. It is close. I want to be done with this as I have already begun my next painting and I am so anxious to get going on it! I will have to wait until tomorrow but in the mean time I can clean up the studio and be ready to go!
I darkened the sky in the very last because to do it any sooner I might have gone too far. Darks of course are such great contrast but I am always looking for another is easy to go dark but I wanted a composition back there. I still might do something with the left upper area but decided to wait and think on it. I hope that I can call it done and move on but in reality there is so much I could tinker with and adjust I could be on this another week!! So for now I am calling it done and the title is going to be Lean On Me I think. It was a title suggested to me and I think it is a very good one!

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