Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lean On Me

Well the more I looked at this painting below I felt I needed to change that area on the left behind the fence as it was now an entirely different painting once that heavy fence went in...the airy quality there was totally different from the heaviness of the rest. At first what I tried was awful...and I had to scrub...which I hate to do but had to save this. I think it is ok but if only I had had thought this through I would not have had this as I say, not as I do! ha! Always know your background before you start a painting. I always do but then I will change my mind and make things up and as you can see I can nearly wreck things...I need to put a very large sign up above my studio table that says...WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND? DON'T CHANGE YOUR MIND!  Ha!!!  I went in and redid some edges as well on the peony along the dark side of the fence and other areas...I bet I could spend two more days adjusting things but have decided to instead start something new and I turned this against the wall...I cant look at it or I will tinker with it again!!! I will head to the printers that is 3 hours away sometime next week and get this scanned so giclees can be made and cards.

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