Saturday, 22 January 2011

Watercolor Demo of Sparrow

Well, I decided to stick this up as maybe I will figure things out faster and then it will be done before you know it! ha! So before that happens I thought you would like to see what I am trying to decide. I again started at the bottom on the left side to bring in more make believe plants because I know that will work find there. What I am trying to do is close the gap on the area that I find could make or break the piece. Now if I were good at photoshop I would just try this out there but I do not know how to do this is what I looking at this area with everything around it I am coming to the conclusion that to bring in a blue sky might not be the best idea. I am thinking of just continuing into light that I do not bring in a new element to deal I want the focus to remain on the bird and the I think there has to remain a sameness to the surprises back there to distract. A blue sky could draw the eye up and away so I will go slowly into this so that I can still change my mind but thought you might want to see what I am thinking. Remember, I do print these big and trust that no one is copying my is copyrighted so be aware of that. By being larger you can more easily see what I am actually doing. So here is "Manzanita Resident" at this point.

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