Sunday, 9 January 2011

Manzanita Resident Watercolor

I thought I better post where I am because we have sunshine and we could lose that for the week! It is so bright out and the reflections off the snow are so blinding I did lose some color but this will give you an idea where I am at. At this point I am doing the unthinkable. I thought I would just have the bushes behind like planned but now I keep having visions of white dahlias and not sure I should do that but will have to at least consider it. I hate to change my mind as often I find it might not be as good...because you are altering things. I like a plan and sticking with it. I will complete the sparrow and then have a good look at this. The house is not done either but I like to add the darkest darks once I see how everything else looks. Hopefully by next weekend we will be alot closer to done when I post this watercolor. I took this picture in Manzanita, Oregon and have been calling it Manzanita Resident but not sure that will remain the title. Any thoughts? Thanks for peeking!

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