Thursday, 11 February 2010

In The Bag progressing

Today I worked all day and thought surely I would be further along than I am but I guess I am glad I am as far as I am!!!
Today I began working further on the painting In the Bag...or whatever it is cousin said to call it Pearishable...ha! Anyway, in this first picture you can see how I am using tape to get the straight areas and I used clear shelf paper with masking around the edge to block things off to put in the water...having never done a landscape of any kind before in watercolor...except for 2 plein aire...I decided that this was the approach I would take. Well I taped one area off wrong...but I think when my reflections go in that will be covered...I hope!

Then when I removed all the tape I began the far shoreline of my lake with fall trees. That is now done but all the reflections have to go in...hopefully tomorrow that will go easily and then Sat and Sunday I can finish up the painting! I think that this process is pushing me to do more work..or work faster...not sure what it is!!!

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