Monday, 22 February 2010

Four Pears

Ok gang...still experimenting here and this time I have really gone a stretch...there is still so much to do but before I go any further you can see the direction I am trying to go. The blue is not showing up right here...but this is more about the idea than the color at this point anyway. I can see where doing all of these paintings up to a point is allowing me to experiment without feeling like I am losing too it has been a worthwhile test. I think today I am done as I am wore out...I am going outside my comfort zone with mostly my imagination on this...small references to use but thinking I want to just investigate possible backgrounds...if I like can bet this summer I will be taking pictures!!! So here is Four Pears on Movil Lake.  I am sorry I am keeping this so small but images are being lifted again so it is what I have to do from now on.

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