Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Chicago Fountain Watercolor

I have not been painting much at all lately...and this has been done awhile but I was unable to get a good photo of it. I had it professionally done today and even he said that blue was very hard to capture I this is as close as it will get and I have it in a very low resolution so I am sorry it might seem rather grainy.
This fountain is at the Chicago Institute of Art in the special outdoor courtyard for members only that I managed to get in to...and yes this wonderful duck was there resting on the head as if she had been doing this daily for some time. I placed the egg in the hand because it was such a high contrast area but not sure it still drew enough attention...but mallard eggs are vey bland eggs.
I still do not have a title either other than Keeper of the Egg and Just Ducky...Egg Dancer ...just nothing hits me!!! Help!

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