Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Double Pink Peony Watercolor

Well today I have been working on the peony painting and am slowly working my way through it. I have so much figuring out still with the stamens on the large peony flower but think for the most part I am done with the smaller one. The background has been an experiement and hope that it will make sense when I am done. I will try to continue working on this through the week and finish it up but there are also some jobs outside yet I have to finish before the first snow hits.
I did manage to get lights up on several trees yesterday so that is good! My goal is to finish this by Friday but don't hold your breathe! ha!! As soon as it is done it will be up for sale and trying to figure out how to do that but perhaps I will put a paypal button up and see if it will sell. Just need to experiment for winter and how I can better use this site. I am thinking about putting up a giclee every week as well for sale and see how that goes!

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