Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I have been working on my demo for Bend, Oregon and it is very hard to stay in my chair and actually do it because we have had such lovely weather! It is driving me nuts! Ha! After such a long winter it is just impossible to look out the window and be content for now...but I hear there is rain by Thurs and so I can maybe get alot done then! Just wanted you to know I have been here but just nothing to post...
My painting Mondays Wash arrived for the Transparent Watercolor Society of America show and is hung so I am excited about that. Always nice to have recognition for something you work so hard on.
If anyone is still interested in Bend, Oregon, there still are a few openings. I am traveling there a bit early to take in the sites and get info for future paintings so I am excited!!!
Hope everyone is well and happy!

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