Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Grapes and Silver Completed!

As you can see I still do not have a title for this! I like the idea of using Gravy Boat in there but nothing is coming to me. I am sorry it took so long to get to this point but seems I had a million interruptions and the company scanning it took their sweet time! Just the way life is sometimes I guess.
I know this could have had a lot more drama with a dark background but I am so tired of seeing that as the solution to everything by so many artists that I try to steer away from that as an option. I am hoping it worked well enough to make it seem airey rather than heavy which the dark would have lent to it.
The Workshop went well and the schedule is filling up. It appears next summer will be a blurr of teaching and airplanes and if my delays and cancellations this time are any indicator or what is to come...I will dread flying. I was left in Chicago this time for 12 hours~! Then I had to teach with a little 2 hour catnap...but I did better than I thought I would being so deprived of my precious sleep! Ha! Anyway, any suggestions for a title would be appreciated!

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