Friday 22 November 2013

Stargazer Lilies in Watercolor

Nearing completion! Finally! I keep grabbing time where I can but now have some paper work that must be done so not sure if I can finish this in the next few days or not but sure will try! There was an upper petal that was just too big so I have split it in two and I have been refining edges etc...still more to go but today I put a sizable dent in this and feel it is very doable now for this week end!!! The slow turtle still finishes...might not be first but I do get there!!!

Monday 18 November 2013

Double Stargazer Lily Watercolor Update

Well I only was able to put in another hour today because of errands etc but I still am making progress! I sure hope this inspires some of you who have families or jobs that even a little here or there on your painting will eventually give you a finished piece of art and some satisfaction! It is always doable and should make anyone believe that they can do a painting no matter what the time constraints. That is the beauty of watercolor! So here it is. I still have hopes of completing it by Thursday but so far my week has been not mine so I will just roll with it and see how far I can get! It still is getting close and that is all that is important!

Sunday 17 November 2013

Double Stargazer Lily Update

I was so hoping to post where I am at on the lily but our weather is terrible...I do not dare to step outside to try to get a photo of it. We have a lot of wind, intermittent sprinkles that turn to snow and back again. I really hope this is not a sign of what winter will look like! Argh! But it does keep me inside and painting! I would maybe be done but we have been helping our son move and all the work that goes with that so I try to just get a little in here and there. As you know, that is my motto and it still progresses so that is good...I might not be known for my speed but I also live my life and enjoy other things these days so I just do what I can do and continue again the next day. Life is too stressful and my art is there for me when I need it! So...tomorrow I hope to give you an update!! Thanks for your patience!

Thursday 14 November 2013

Double Stargazer Continues!

Life has a way of happening and keeping me from my art room but I have managed to move a little closer to the finish...I am hoping by the weekend to actually finish this one. The thing that has been hard has been to capture the greens correctly in my photos...they seem very off but hopefully once it is professionally done it will look better. Still a ways to go! I could not get my program to rotate the painting today either so it is side ways and yet I rather like it this way and am wondering if it is not a better direction for it to be! I will have to think on that but my thinking now is I like this best!

The pinks are just not right either...I think ever since I changed cameras it has not been capturing things accurately at all...this certainly can be frustrating! ha! 

Monday 4 November 2013

Double Stargazer Lily Wip 4

Well I finally took a picture even though it is so gray. Actually even at noon today it was like early evening and then we had some snow so taking a picture has not been easy. You will see how gray the paper appears and that has changed the colors on the entire painting I am sure. But at least you can see that I am working on the background. I decided to find all the shapes in the background before finishing the flowers to know how deep my values will have to go. This is a full sheet so it is going to take some work to cover all this paper but hopefully by the end of this week I will have made some progress!

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Double Stargazer wip 3

I know I have not gotten far but still it is progress. I hope this encourages you that even a little bit each day gets you closer to your goal and is better than nothing at all!
We have been trying to get last minute yard work done as snow will come soon and we want to get as many leaves up and work done in the gardens before it happens. We still will not be done but everything helps that is for sure. So this is where I am at. As I have mentioned before, the weather has been such a dark gray for so long and getting good pictures that are true seems most difficult but it gives you an idea where I am at. At some point I will begin taking time to begin drawing on the next painting. I like to get a drawing going so that once I complete a painting I am close to beginning another. For some reason it helps me get through with the painting at hand because I begin to get excited to see what the next painting will become so I tend to stay on task better...guess I just have to fool myself into sitting in this chair! ha!

Sunday 27 October 2013

Double Stargazer wip 2

Well I have been able to work a little on this today and so will post it. I am so sorry I cannot get good whites and color as our skies have been so gray for so long it is getting to be the norm! It use to be we would count the gray days as we had so much sunshine...but this year it is very bad and so then so hard to step outside to get a picture that is true. This will have to do!
I am still finding shapes. Once I have more of this filled in I will begin to combine shapes but I always make sure each petal is fluid and accurate before I begin to combine them with shadows and glazes. It will be awhile yet before that happens but so far it seems to be coming along ok!